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Welcome to I AM LINDY HOP

If you haven't been here before, check the (somewhat outdated) Quickstart Guide and FAQ.

That being "read", you can view profiles by clicking on the random profile link in the menu above and it will load a random profile each time. Enjoy!

Briefly... what this site is:

One amazing thing about Lindy Hop ... it draws in people from just about every demographic ... age, cultural background, gender, interests and hobbies (outside of dancing).. you name it, it's probably there. The common tie that binds us all: our love of Lindy Hop.

One night at a "eating after dancing" we got into talking about our stories and hobbies outside of Lindy Hop and I just continued to grow more amazed at all the wonderful things I DIDN'T know about some of my fellow Lindy Hoppers (for being a social dance, sometimes it is not as social when it comes to sitting and chatting!).

What drove the idea of this site: finding out all the wonderful little things about people in the worldwide Lindy Hop scene, not just the interests and hobbies but all the wonderful stories about how Lindy Hop has changed people's lives from marriages to lifelong friends to even careers for some people that have no idea what they would have done without Lindy Hop.

So this site's mission was to gather stories from Lindy Hoppers worldwide. And then to inspire others by showing that Lindy Hoppers are everyday people like anyone else and if they can do it, anyone can.

Right now as of last check, 39 of the 50 US states represented. And a total of 13 countries!!

Adding new profiles and the "grid" structure

If you have been to the site before, I previously had a "grid" structure up for quickly browsing people's pictures and story summaries. I have had to temporarily disable this grid structure (the little squares) as well as adding new profiles due to server issues and hacking. Hopefully I can fix this soon.

Until then, please have fun just clicking through the random profile

Thanks for visiting!!

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