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Quick Start Guide (a.k.a. READ ME FIRST)

First, thanks for coming to this site!

The way I wrote this was I just imagined coming to the site and tried to figure out the first questions that would pop into my mind.

This is meant to be a quick substitution for the "Not-So-Quick Guide" (a.k.a. the Frequently Asked Questions list or FAQ). Though I highly recommend reading the FAQ once you've settled in!

What is this site?

Short answer: a site where people share their personal Lindy Hop stories. Longer answer at the bottom of this page.

I see a bunch of squares with little photos. What am I supposed to do?

You are currently looking at our main home page.

Each square represents a Lindy Hopper's profile.

When you mouse over the different squares you will see a "mini" profile which consists of a small photo, where that Lindy Hopper currently lives, and the first part of their story. At this point you can click the square and bring up the full profile or just keep mousing over other squares.

mousing over brings up mini-profile

clicking on square brings up main profile

That's cool. What else can I do here? What's each item on the top menu do?

top menu, part 1

the page with all the little squares.

create your own little square and mini-profile and regular profile. Then people can mouse over you too!

That's this page.

List View
If you want to see a list of everyone instead of mousing over all their faces and stuff. More the traditional route but just as valid.

top menu, part 1

Spread the Word: (formerly "Tell a Friend")
This is a great link! This is when you decide that this is an awesome site and want to send emails to your friends to come check it out. Of course you can just, you know, send emails to your friends to check it out, but here's a link you can use too just in case!

Blog/Update: (was "Articles")
This is basically a blog for me when I want to write something down and put it out into the universe and wonder if others will read or not. But also useful as I will put site updates here as well such as bugs I know about, features requested, features coming soon, features just added, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions list..a.k.a. kinda the longer version of this.

Contact Us:
Got a question? Comment? Need some help? Want to see a new feature? Want to let me know I misspelled a word? Found something not working? All that stuff, go to this page and write it to us.

That's cool. What do the items on the second-to-top menu do?


Clicking on this will bring up a random profile. Cool.

just joined: (previously "last 5")
Bring up profiles of the most recent profiles created. COOL!

instructors, musicians, venues, events:
Wnat to see a list of just instructors, musicians, venues, and/or events? That's what these links do.

Okay, now what?

Have you created your profile yet? If not, go create your own profile!! The more the merrier! And then people can mouseover and click on you too. The steps are pretty straightforward once you start.

Create your own profile!!

Cool, anything else?

Well, there's this secret link here in case you want to procrastinate. I haven't put it up on the main page yet. Still debating it but hey I'll just put it here and see if anyone finds it.

So, really, what is this site?

This answer straight from the FAQ

This is a site to gather and share stories of Lindy Hop from all of you. Each person has a story to share and this site's purpose is to record them down and also share them with the world.

The longer version: I see this site having two functions: the first being a sort of registry for modern day Lindy Hoppers to talk about their own discovery of Lindy and how it has changed their lives, the second being a site for people, Lindy Hoppers and non-Lindy Hoppers, to come see other people's stories and read, laugh, and be inspired.

Why did you put up this site?

This answer straight from the FAQ

Let's just say in a nutshell, Lindy Hop has given me a lot and has impacted my life in ways I could never have imagined. Over the last many years, Sheri and I would once in awhile ask each other "What do you think we would be doing right now if we never got into swing dancing?".

Though this pondering was fun, it didn't really manifest itself into this project until the end of last year. Our dance team, after a year of drama, action, and celebration, started writing to our team mailing list their own stories of Lindy Hop: how they got started, why they got started, and various things Lindy Hop has brought to their lives.

That's when it struck me. For years, I had always enjoyed hearing stories of Lindy Hop from our respected old-timers like Frankie Manning and Norma Miller and the impact it has had on their lives. But it wasn't until our own team started sharing their own personal stories that I realized that there are a whole slew of new stories out there to be heard and discovered.

That is the reason for me putting up this site. Whether my vision gets realized or not, who knows. In the meantime, please keep coming back to browse through people's stories and also contribute your own as well!

Thank you for being a part of this "project".

Who are you guys?

This answer straight from the FAQ

It is mostly my pet project (Ben Yau a.k.a. "Ben of Ben and Sheri") with the help and support of my awesome wife Sheri Yau. Special thanks to our team the One2Swing Jitterbugs who helped me "beta" the site, especially to Kennly a.k.a. little K who found the IE 7 issue shortly before launch! (But no thanks to her because whenever I asked her to test a specific part of the site she'd go off and play around on other parts of the site which I already knew were broken but anyway yah thanks Kennly!!!). See our profiles below:

Ben's profile

Sheri's profile

Kennly's profile

Ben and Sheri's profile

Awesome! Thanks for the quickie "READ ME FIRST" guide!

No problemo!

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